A new year

With Fresher week, a brand new cohort of students is arriving, beginners and experimented judokas! Our training times have not changed and if you are happy to breakfall, you can join any session!

We will host a taster session on Saturday 8th October, 4:30-7:30pm. This will involve getting on the mat, doing a judo oriented warm-up and some technical exercises. We will get advanced players to demonstrate throws and randori (sparring) that normally constitute usual judo sessions. You don’t need a judo gi for this (but if you have one, do bring it!), only loose clothes that you don’t mind being a bit tear.
Our beginner course will be on in Michealmas term. £35 all included: Judogi (judo uniform), BJA licence and mat fees. Beginners will be able to get the basics of the sport, pass their first grading and start sparring by the end of the term. All members are encouraged to participate in these sessions, especially higher grades to revise the basics and help out with the new-comers. They are the future of the club after all and if they train well, they’ll fast become good randori partners!

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