cujc Women's Judo

women's judo at cambridge

Women in judo have a long tradition and here at Cambridge university judo club we have many enthusiastic female judoka, both university and city players. Recent achievements include winning the women’s trophy at the 2013 and 2015 varsity matches. Apart from providing an excellent training facility CUJC provides a very friendly and social atmosphere with lots of activities off the mat.

Judo is not only good for self-defense and self-confidence. Building up strength, stamina and speed, judo is a great sport to sharpen up your general fitness level while being fun as well.

Click here to meet some of the team and If you have questions regarding women in judo please contact the women’s captain:

common misconceptions about women in judo

“I am a woman; I am not strong enough to do judo…”

Technique beats force. Judo is largely based on general physical principles and by applying the right techniques you can beat a heavier, stronger opponent.

"There will be nobody to practice with…"

There are currently several women training with CUJC. We have always been able to find suitable training partners for everyone, regardless of size.

“I am not so athletic…”

Judo allows every player to meet her own challenges at her own individual fitness and ability levels, making it a fun experience for everybody.

“I don’t want to fight with guys; I am afraid they will hurt me…”

Beginners will always be taught how to breakfall in a controlled way before any throws are done. Our training also emphasizes that judo is co-operative: throws should be controlled, and the receiving judoka (uki) should be supported. The coaches will try to match you with someone of similar size/strength. If you have particular concerns about being partnered with someone heavier/stronger, please talk with one of the coaches beforehand.

Tuesday 20.00-22.00 – University Sports Centre, Studio 2
Advanced training, experienced players only

Thursday 20.00-22.00 – University Sports Centre, Studio 2
All welcome, especially beginners

Saturday 14.30-16.30 – University Sports Centre, Studio 2
Mixed ability training, red belts and above