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Michaelmas Competition Round Up

Michaelmas 2022 has been a busy term for CUJC judoka, with many competing in various competitions and Dan gradings throughout the term. The first of term was the Eastern Area Closed competition, which saw a strong performance from Thea who took silver in the -63kg women and silver in the Open, whilst Lucy won gold in the +78kg women.

This was followed by success for Adeline and Artur in the We Will Remember Them kyu grade competition at the end of October, where Adeline won gold and Artur won silver.

A large student team was assembled for the London Universities and Colleges Open in November, with fighters from both Anglia Ruskin and Cambridge competing for their respective universities. In the green belt and under tournament: Chris, Kiran, and Michael fought hard in their first competitions after completing last year’s beginners course, with Kiran and Michael taking bronze. Sadie medalled twice, with a silver in the young women and a bronze in the senior women. This was followed up by a bronze for Pavel and a hard fought silver for Azamat, both in the senior men’s competition. In the blue belt and above tournament: Sarah fought up due to a shortage of entries in the senior women’s competition, fighting well against tough competition; Zoltan won bronze in the senior men, gaining 10 points towards his black belt; Lucy won bronze in the senior women; Filipa got gold in the senior women; Cassia won a mixed-weight pool of young and senior women, getting 20 points towards her black belt; and finally Julian won gold in both the young and senior men’s competitions, winning all his fights and getting 30 points towards his black belt. Everyone put in an amazing performance and enjoyed the competition, with Cambridge coming second overall for number of points at the end of the tournament.

A special mention also goes to Lucy for her performance in various high level competitions, with gold medals in the English and Welsh Opens and a silver medal at the British Championships!

There was also success at Dan gradings this term. At High Wycombe in October Mark collected 30 points towards his second Dan, with Lee collecting 40 (also towards his second Dan). Meanwhile, Mike picked up 20 points towards his first Dan and Cassia secured her first 10 points towards her first Dan. Mike had further success in Bedford at the beginning of December, winning 3 more fights to gain a further 30 points!

Well done to everyone who competed this term, and hope to see many more on the mat during Lent!

Cassia Taylor, Women’s Captain 22/23