Michaelmas 2013 Beginners’ Course

This year’s beginners’ course will kick off with a demonstration session on Saturday 12th October, 4-7pm. It will then continue on Thursdays 6-8pm, from 17th October to 5th December. All are welcome to attend the course, students and non-students alike.

Over the term, you will be taken through a structured course to teach you the basic elements of judo. Early in the term this will involve breakfall practice, which will allow you to be thrown and fall safely. Alongside the breakfalls you will learn a number of groundwork techniques: chiefly pins and escapes from pins. Towards the end of the term, you will be taught some common throwing techniques.

The emphasis in judo is upon practice, so throughout the course you will regularly be given the opportunity to practice your newly-learned techniques. By the end of the term, if you have attended the majority of the course, you should be able to “grade up” and achieve your red belt in judo.

All sessions will take place at the University Sports Centre. See the training and beginners pages for more details.

If you would like more information, or have any questions, then please do not hesitate to email us at c.u.judo@sport.cam.ac.uk.