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Gi Donation Scheme raises over £500 for leading food charity

Back in November 2022, CUJC launched the gi donation scheme, a new initiative to recycle unused judo gi. The event raised £541 for Foodcycle (a charity that provides community meals, using surplus food from supermarkets), provided members with affordable kit, and prevented the waste of unused judo gi!

With the BJA no longer providing judo gi as part of their student voucher scheme, we needed a new way to provide members with kit. Adeline Winshaw, CUJC’s social secretary and women’s city captain, came up with the idea for an event, whereby existing members donated kit they no longer used and after minor repairs (done by Adeline herself!), were given to members that needed them. In return members donated money towards our chosen charity, Foodcycle.

The event was a huge success with many new and existing members getting the opportunity to invest in significantly better quality kit, while also being able to support the wider Cambridge community. The Club would like to thank all those that donated and made the event the success that it was!

If you would like to host a similar event, we would be keen to share insights and welcome other sports clubs to get in touch via