2008/09 CUJC Committee

The end of the year sees the running of the club passed from the old committee to a new group of enthusiastic judoka who’re listed below. If you need to contact any of them their email addresses remain the same from last year.

President: Gary Chandler
Secretary: Alexie Frize-Williams
Treasurer: Rob Blackburn
Men’s Captain: Kane Chandler
Women’s Captain: Catharina Casper
City Captain: Nick Palmer
Membership Secretary: Lisa Kleiminger
Social and Kit Secretaries: Jessica Alsio and Kathy Liu

Here’s what last year’s president, Tom, had to say about the new committee and club coaches:

Senior Coach – Alec Edwards
We are delighted and honoured to continue to be coached by 4th Dan Alec, an expert and a champion at both shiai and kata. I should take this opportunity to extend my sincerest thanks to Alec for all he has taught me and many others over many years. I’m sure there are many more to come.

President – Gary Chandler (Emma)
Gary should need no introduction to many people – Previously both President and Men’s Captain during his undergraduate studies, Gary went straight into a PhD and has continued fighting, competing and coaching with CUJC, recently achieving his 2nd Dan. Gary has done this all before, so I need do no more than wish him the very best in his second term of office in charge of the club.

City Captain – Nick Palmer (City)
Nick is a scientist by day but by night, a coach to CUJC (both on the mat and in the pub). Nick has been Captain of the City side of the club before, but has been increasingly involved in the club this year after we had to say goodbye to coaches Maynard and Miki Floyd, and it is fantastic to have him as City Captain again. Coaching and City aside, Nick is also responsible for the club’s wonderful link with judo clubs in Marburg, Germany and Helsinki, Finland which culminated in this term’s visit.

Men’s Captain – Kane Chandler (Darwin)
Many of you will also remember Kane (yes, he’s Gary’s brother!), who competed for CUJC during his undergraduate degree at Emma. Formerly President of CU Mountaneering Club, Kane is also a talented judoka, repeating his brother’s astonishing feat of starting a grading at blue belt and going home with the points for his 1st Dan, having won 8 fights in one afternoon. Having spent the last year since graduating further developing serious physical fitness climbing and skiing in the Alps, Kane is now returning for a PhD and I hope he will lead our male judoka to new heights.

Women’s Captain – Catharina Casper (Corpus)
Catharina was co-opted as Women’s Captain for the second half of last academic year, and was the natural choice to continue in the same role for a full year in office. Already a Dan grade, coach and competitor in her native Germany, Catharina has made an instant impression on the club in her first year as an undergrad in Cambridge, including winning an impressive individual silver at BUSA this year. I am excited to see how she can channel her talent and enthusiasim to develop women’s judo in Cambridge, and prise that rose bowl away from Oxford’s grasp.

Junior Treasurer – Rob Blackburn (Emma)
Rob only took up judo this year, but has since shown great commitment to the club on and off the mat by being a permanent feature at training, comepting in the Varsity B Team, winning his orange belt at the last competitive kyu grading and lending a huge amount of help during the Finnish-German exchange visit. Going into 3rd Year Engineering, Rob is numerate enough for the books, but will be guided by outgoing Treasurer Andrew Campbell, who will still be in Cambridge for a few months yet while he finishes his PhD.

Secretary – Alexie Frize-Williams (St John’s)
Alexie is returning from her languages year abroad in Berlin to take up the post of secretary. Before this, Alexie was women’s captain, and she has heaps of experience about judo and how to run the club, as well as a lovely personality, so will have no trouble with the miscellaneous organisational functions of the Secretary. Together with Jessica and Kathy, she will also help organise the club’s social side, especially supporting new and female members and involving them in the club.

Membership Secretary – Lisa Kleiminger (Fitzwilliam)
Lisa is the other half of the deadly Deutsche duo to have taken women’s judo in Cambridge by storm this year, winning silver in the kyu grade competition at BUSA and getting stuck into all aspects of the club in her first year at Cambridge. Lisa now takes on the responsibility of the administration of the club’s membership, and will be a valuable asset to the club committee.

Social and Kit Secretaries – Kathy Liu (Clare) and Jessica Alsio (Clare)
Kathy and Jessica only started judo this year, but have both thrown themselves enthusiastically into all aspects of the club. Guided by Alexie, they will now share the responsiblities of ordering the club’s kit and ensuring that everyone gets to know each other and has a good time off the mat!

Computer & Sponsorship Officer – Janek Kolodynski (St John’s)
Outgoing Men’s Captain, Computing Officer and all-round hard-worker and legend Janek is hopefully staying in Cambridge for a PhD, and if he does, he will continue the great work with the CUJC website and email lists and will try and find us some decent sponsorship. If Janek can’t stay, we will recruit other members for these roles, so stay tuned, and do get in touch with Janek or President Gary (gjc30@cam.ac.uk) if you are interested in helping in these important areas – where there is much room for more people to help with computing and sponsorship.