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22/23 cujc medal tally

Gold =

SIlver =

Bronze =

Latest match reports

Saturday 4th March saw the 88th Varsity Judo Match being held in Cambridge. Four trophies were up for grabs, with each side …

varsity record

Oxford vs Cambridge Tsuneo Matsudaira Judo Challenge Cup – 1930 (Men’s A)

Oxford = 41 Cambridge = 43


XX Varsity Trophy – 19XX (Women’s A)

Oxford = XX Cambridge = XX


Gerry Smith Trophy – 1989 (Men’s B)

Oxford = 11 Cambridge = 19


XX- 19XX (Men’s City )

Oxford = XX Cambridge = XX


XX Trophy – 19XX (Women’s City)

Oxford = XX Cambridge = XX


XX- 2023 (Women’s B )

Oxford = 0 Cambridge = 0


Varsity reports

Varsity 2016

CUJC faced a very stiff opposition from Oxford this year, but still managed to come away with the women’s trophy. Varsity Women’s …

The most difficult thing to grasp about Judo is the fact that a match can last anything between five seconds and five …

Varsity 2014

On the 9th of March, CUJC travelled up to compete against Oxford in the annual Varsity match, and came away with 3 …

CUJC Beginner's Team Tournament

XX Trophy – 19XX (Women’s City)

Oxford = 41 Cambridge =43


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Thursday 20.00-22.00 – University Sports Centre, Studio 2
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Saturday 14.30-16.30 – University Sports Centre, Studio 2
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