Anyone is welcome to become a member of the club whether or not you are a member of Cambridge University. To become a member please come to a training session and speak to one of the coaches or email the club committee at Becoming a member allows you to train at any of the weekly sessions and grade with the club. The club doesn’t collect individual mat fees as these are covered by the membership fee. By joining the club you’re agreeing to follow the rules of the club as described in the constitution.

If you’re not sure you want to become a member then please come along and have a free session to try it out. If you are an infrequent visitor, you won’t need to pay the full term’s membership.

To become a member of the Club, please fill in the Membership form or the Junior Junior Membership form if you are under the age of 18.  Please send the form to

Sign up to the mailing list to receive regular information about the club.

Everyone who trains with the club also needs to be a member of the BJA. The club’s number with the BJA is 16125. This membership gives you liability insurance and allows you to grade and enter competitions. If you’re a beginner then you don’t have to get this straight away and are welcome to come along and try Judo for a few sessions first.

Membership fees (as of October 2019)

The membership fees are paid per term and there are four terms in the year. Beginners: £15 (Cambridge Students), £20 (Other Students/Town) per term (Michaelmas and Thursday sessions only)
Full time student: £40 per term
Non-student: £70 per term
Visitor: £5 per session
For club members who train all year long and want to set a monthly standing order, the fee is £10 per month for students and £20 per month for non-students.


Check out the beginners page for information about joining the club as a beginner. Also feel free to email a member of the committee if you have any questions, or ask a member of the committee at training.

Student Voucher Scheme

The Student Voucher Scheme is British Judo’s special offer to students to help raise participation in universities. For only £20.00 students new to the sport or returning to judo after a years’ absence receive a judo suit (worth £20), membership to British Judo (training and competition insurance, worth £27) and their first grading (worth £10). It is a good deal!!